The science

Our exclusive doctor-recommended makeup is meticulously formulated to include truly protective suncare and deeply nourishing skincare in every product.

No Compromises now or ever.

Top of the line ingredients

Our signature cosmetics join luxury color and smart science in every product. In fact, Colorescience® all-inclusive suncare + skincare + color formulations not only include proven good-for-you ingredients …

  • skin nourishing peptides & antioxidants
  • good for you vitamins
  • clean minerals
  • micronized zinc oxide
  • breathable titanium dioxide

We also conscientiously include high enough levels of each, so that you – our conscientious consumer – can be completely confident, about the effectiveness of your cosmetic choices, day in and day out.

We aim to help every woman achieve a flawless, even toned complexion and offer beautiful, timeless colors to accentuate your features and create the perfect look you desire.

Because at Colorescience we believe lasting beauty starts with healthy beauty.


Colorescience Formulation

SPF 20 or higher

Clean, breathable minerals & mica

Antioxidants, peptides, vitamins

Safe for sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin



Typical Formulation

SPF less than 20

Dyers, fillers, alcohol, talc

Harsh chemicals, mineral oil, fragrance

Clogs pores and exacerbates/causes irritation, dermatitis